Cat 6


The need for speed.

With information throughput doubling at an exponential rate, the ‘need for speed’ is critical to your business. For many businesses, the undisputed performance advantages offered by a 200 MHz cabling system are well worth the investment. Bandwidth – positive PowerSum ACR beyond 200 MHz. This means around twice the nominal bandwidth of existing data cabling systems.

There are other benefits too: the Return Loss performance is enhanced, delivering assured support for high-speed bi-directional applications like Gigabit Ethernet.

Future proofing: When investing in your data cabling system, you expect a return on your investment. Category 6 maximises your return on investment in data networks and ensures that they will support your business needs in the futureThe intention behind the Category 6 standard is to provide the state-of-the-art 4-pair cabling system.

The different and more stringent handling requirements for Category 6 and 6A components demand additional training, even for installers well used to the demands of Category 5e installation practices.

Time, care and a high level of technical expertise are essential when installing Category 6 and 6A. Even slight variations in the termination of links can have a immense effect on the overall performance of the system. It is for these reasons, that it is essential to select an installer who has successfully installed Category 6 and 6A.

With the comprehensive backing of Molex, under the Certified Installer (CI) programme, ESQ Data and Security has the ability you need to be sure that your Category 6 and 6A solution will perform for you now and in the future.